Case Study: The Training Initiative

A technology company with a small training staff and a large global work force was launching a major change initiative. To kick off the initiative and help create change across the organization, they wanted to deliver a key training class to all employees and managers worldwide and they needed help…

Required classes are often unpopular; big change is usually even less popular. The company wanted top-notch, local trainers to both reduce the cost of training and create positive “buzz” for the class. They needed trainers they could trust to be effective and engaging, so employees would look forward to taking the class instead of resisting the initiative. The J Cavanaugh Group training team was a perfect fit.

The JCG team was certified to train the program within the company. Over the next two years, the JCG team delivered 47 days of training – a feat that the company could not have otherwise matched with in-house staff. Employees consistently gave positive feedback, frequently adding comments like “this was the most effective training I’ve ever attended,” “far exceeded my expectations.” The company was so pleased with the outcome, they certified JCG staff to deliver three other core training programs being rolled out to all employees.

Looking for expert trainers to help you deliver training courses to your organization? Certify one or more of our trainers in your third-party or internally developed course. Contact us to learn how to leverage our expertise in delivering engaging, interactive training sessions that participants will rave about.


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