Case Study: The Small Business with Big Pain

In the midst of a leadership transition, a successful small business with mounting problems called J Cavanaugh Group in to facilitate the company’s annual leadership summit meeting. The goal was to ensure that the meeting set the tone for the year to come and focus the entire organization on fixing a key business challenge. But the issues ran deeper than a single challenge…

During the leadership summit, JCG’s Principal Consultant Jane Cavanaugh used a collaborative problem solving method to synthesize the important, very different perspectives all 60 leaders had on the core business challenge. From this process, the team could see what the problem truly was and was not. Jane helped the team begin root cause analysis, which would later allow the team to create robust, on-target solutions coordinated across the whole company—not just blame, finger-point, and do what worked best for each department.

Participants said at the end of the summit, “We’ve had this conversation over and over and over…and today we finally got somewhere with it.”

In the coming months, a smaller action team identified multiple ways that the company needed to change its core business processes. But, more importantly, they identified an underlying gap in leadership support and training that was preventing the company from solving many problems seriously eroding the company’s success.

The group sought Jane’s support to learn collaborative problem solving, meeting management, and stakeholder management practices to listen and include each other in solution building. Jane helped strengthen their leadership with a multi-pronged approach that employed action learning (learning skills while solving business problems), leadership development classes, and executive team leadership coaching.

And now, for the first time, this small business is putting emphasis on helping their leaders acquire the skills necessary to solve a variety of core business and process problems. It’s a long-term, sustainable model that will facilitate the company’s continued success through internal leadership development.

If you have a small business, you’ve probably experienced similar growing pains. Finding the root cause and building a custom action plan starts with a call to J Cavanaugh Group.