Case Study: The Savvy Senior Leader

A top-rated leader appeared to have it all together: a Senior Director position in a highly successful company, well respected by her colleagues, with loyal staff who consistently delivered excellent results. But she struggled to manage up effectively with key senior executives.  As a result, her department’s work was often invisible and underfunded, and her own career was stalled. She reached out to us for coaching and discovered what was really in her way…

Like many successful leaders, this savvy Senior Director recognized the importance of continually fine-tuning herself and her leadership abilities. Through coaching with JCG’s Principal Coach Jane Cavanaugh, she gained insight into what prevented her from being confident and effective with senior executives and took her leadership to a whole new level.

Despite having many years of success and skill as a people manager, this Senior Director lost her nerve when it came time to represent her department’s work, their resource needs, or set appropriate boundaries for their workload with critical senior execs.  It turned out it was personally hard for her to say no and to ask for what she needed.

Working with Jane over the next few weeks, she built on this very personal insight, learning to make smart strategic choices as a leader about how to best communicate up to effectively represent herself and her department to senior execs. The changes she made in her leadership style led to positive feedback for her team and their work, increased funding during the next budgeting cycle, and ultimately a promotion for herself.

If you’re a successful, savvy leader, you’ve already discovered the power of self-improvement. Struggling to maintain presence in high-stakes interactions is common, and can have a major impact on your work and career. One-on-one coaching can provide more personal insight and impactful solutions than a one-size-fits-all training class.


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