Case Study: The Leadership Team

A support department in a mid-sized company struggled to provide services for a growing number of employees, offices, and needs. The company wanted to stay lean, which meant support functions like IT, HR, and Facilities faced layoffs and budget cuts, as the workload just kept mounting. Morale was low and pressure was high; it was easy to fear being in the next layoff. A new senior leader did what seemed impossible: he convinced top leaders to allocate money for leadership coaching and reached out to J Cavanaugh Group for help…

In a climate where budget cuts and layoffs are the norm, why give money to coaching? This leader knew from previous experience coaching was a high-yield investment. In the past three years, the JCG team has coached over a dozen mid-level managers in his department, helping them improve in numerous high impact ways, like

  • Doing more with less by managing workload and staff more effectively
  • Sharpening focus on strategic, high-leverage work to do more of what’s most important
  • Resolving issues with fewer escalations
  • Communicating more effectively with executive management—making better business cases for resource needs, proposing sounder strategic roadmaps, confidently and credibly speaking up with innovative ideas

Each manager chooses the JCG coach they feel most comfortable working with. The coach helps their client identify initial coaching goals and up to six people the coach will interview confidentially, typically a mix of the client’s senior managers, staff, peers, and internal customers. These 360-style interviews are a cornerstone of all JCG leadership coaching programs and provide powerful insights into the client’s personality, behavior, challenges, and strengths.

Coaching sessions are geared towards accomplishing agreed upon goals, incorporating insights from the 360 interviews, identifying and overcoming any challenges that stand in the way, and bringing out the best in the client. Sessions are conducted over three to six months to allow time for the client to fully implement change.

The department has been so pleased with the return on their investment, the program continues to be lobbied for and funded, allowing more leaders to receive the personal development that they, and the company, will benefit from.

Coaching has helped their leaders to work smarter, manage their teams more effectively, and produce better work. Coaching clients have gotten better reviews, received promotions, and are considered for more work that they enjoy.

When you’re ready to take your leaders from good to great, consider the benefits of one-on-one leadership coaching.