Stress Weighing You Down? Find Energy and Motivation in Work When You’re No Longer Inspired or Fulfilled

How do you keep going when life is stressful and challenging? Where do you find the will and energy to continue? When your work no longer inspires and fulfills you, but it just isn’t possible to find another job or position yet, how can you keep your energy and momentum going?

In part 2 of my interview with Sue Read, learn how to stay motivated even in the most challenging of times:

  • how connecting to meaning and purpose can reduce your stress and dramatically increase how much you enjoy going to work
  • the most important foods to include in your diet to rebuild your brain for peak performance, well being, and overall resilience

Sue draws from the work of Victor Frankl, a thought-leader in the field of resilience, as well as what she has learned through her research as a Clinical Psychologist, her work with hundreds of professional clients, and her own personal experience as a former elite athlete whose career came to an abrupt end when she suddenly found herself in hospital, paralyzed.

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