Ready to Learn WAY More About Yourself? MAPP Out Work You Love Doing and Find Exact Job Titles to Match

I love when people write back to me. Recently, I had an email exchange with a woman living in Jamaica (my blog has been featured in news feeds all over the world) who was doing impressively thorough exploration of new career options. She had enjoyed utilizing my Passion Discovery Worksheet, and wanted to share a another resource with me She introduced me to the MAPPTM Assessment, a career aptitude test that really impressed me with the level of insightful, useful information it delivered on my career preferences. How do I know? I used it myself!

If you have been wanting a very specific guide to what you’d most love doing—including a list of potential career roles that are a match for you—the MAPP Assessment is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Your MAPP results could help you identify what’s working and not working in your current role to design a small shift in your career—or it could help you plot a major change to a completely new, fulfilling career. In fact, it doesn’t just list sample roles you might love, the MAPP Matching tools tell you exactly how good a match they are, in which specific ways, through a colorful MAPP Match Graph. Oh yeah, and there’s even links to find actual job openings for this role in your area, available schools to develop further, and more. It’s a treasure chest of incredibly useful information.

Ready to learn a lot more about yourself? Take the free MAPP Assessment here and get a great teaser of all you can learn from this assessment. The test is just over 70 questions (available in 15 languages) and takes about 15 minutes to complete. You get an 18-page narrative with summaries of your interests, temperament, aptitude, and how you prefer to relate to people, things, data, reasoning, math, and language. It’s impressively comprehensive. Teaser sentences hint at the next level of detail available—mine were so accurate and intriguing that I took the bait and ordered the $89.95 Starter Package (scroll to the end of your free narrative for links to upgrade without retaking the test). I’m not seriously seeking a new career, so this next level was good enough for me. For a bit more, the Career Seeker option gives access to 900 different career types and resume content.

The extra detail is well worth the money. My Starter Package results were so accurate I had laugh out loud moments of totally unexpected insights (how did they get this from my answers to those questions?!), like “Jane does not generally see, retain, and/or recall verbatim detail and, instead, shows an awareness of concepts, patterns, general ideas, etc. Jane “gets the drift” of what is seen, read, or heard.” If you know me at all, you are laughing too. It’s why I have to take notes as a coach to remember what we talked about and why I can see the patterns in your life so fast.

Equally funny and even more useful to me was this: “if involved too much or too long where a preference for detail is required, Jane can actually experience a certain, (what can only be considered a mental form of) claustrophobia that may have adverse effects on mental activity.”  Um, YES!  When I was stuck and miserable in my role as a technical writer tracking zillions of details, this was exactly how I felt.

Your MAPP results may not create a straight line to your next dream role (for example, I could not find “coach” as a potential role—perhaps just a limit of the 50 career roles visible in the Starter Package). But I think you’ll learn really valuable things about your preferences and how they line up with a wide variety of jobs.