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    We think “training” should be engaging discussions and deep learning, while getting real work done

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Training Services

No one likes to sit still in a training class all day and just listen. We are masterful at engaging people in activities and discussions that lead to true learning. We believe people learn best when they can immediately apply new concepts and tools to real work. So we emphasize action learning – bring real work with you and learn while you get things done.

Our expert trainers develop and deliver engaging, highly interactive, experiential training courses, whether in a training room or virtually using a platform like WebEx Training Center.

Bring us in to create your course, or customize and deliver one you’ve already developed.

Or let us train your staff to be masterful at leading interactive training sessions through our Facilitative Trainer course.

Facilitative Trainer Course

Go from boring Powerpoint presentations to dynamic, engaging learning experiences – this one-day course can turn your leaders and content experts into engaging trainers who help people actually learn, not just listen. Bring your existing course or presentation to a class, and we’ll help you design interactivity and learn to masterfully facilitate participation.

Turn your business leaders into high-caliber trainers. Transform your conferences from an endless series of presentations into a learning event. Facilitative Trainer teaches best practices in how to go beyond delivering information to actively engaging participants and building skill.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this highly interactive session, participants will know how to do the following:

  • Prepare for success through stakeholder assessment, agenda, learning objectives and vision
  • Ask questions to engage participants and enhance learning
  • Facilitate discussions to focus on key learning points
  • Design and deliver a session that builds new skills rather than just giving information
  • Set up, conduct, and debrief activities to reinforce key learning points
  • Manage the unexpected
  • Work successfully with other colleagues in the room

Course Length: 1 day

Case Study: The Training Initiative

Success Stories…

“The work Jane has done in training and assisting my team and I in delivering more interactive presentations/training simply make us better at our jobs. When you have a group of highly technical folks who can provide tons of data, presentations/training can become rather dry for portions of the audience. Jane is very effective at helping technical people become much better at interacting with the audience to ensure the desired learning is taking place. She listens very well and then provides relevant ideas and guidance on what will make presentations/training more useful for the recipients; which is the whole idea in the first place. People’s time is becoming more and more precious so every minute you get with them needs to be maximized. No more “death by PowerPoint” once you’ve worked with Jane Cavanaugh!”

“I’ve known Jane for almost 10 years, first meeting her as a participant in a course she taught and later bringing her to our Colorado site to do numerous training and facilitation events. Jane’s training style has made the leadership class she teaches here one of the most popular classes we offer. She is engaging in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable participating. No matter what you put out there you feel heard. Her feedback to participants is thoughtful and focused. With me, she gave very insightful feedback that resonated in a way that has helped me in all aspects of my work. Jane weaves in her corporate experience in ways that bring course concepts to life and opens people up to asking a different level of questions.”

“Jane is an animated, engaging speaker–one of the top speakers we’ve had present to our company’s Professional Women’s Group. Jane didn’t just “present”–she asked the audience great questions and included fun activities that really got us thinking. She did a great job including remote people participating by video conference. Her topic (The Passionate Professional: How to Make Your Ordinary Career Extraordinary) drew in over 100 participants, one of the highest levels of attendance we’ve ever had for this speaker series.”

“Susannah is a magician. If you have a high stakes presentation to give – ie to a large audience, company all hands, etc., Susannah will help you deliver high impact. Before presenting and all-day class to all people manager’s in Twitter’s sales organization, she helped me refine my content to make it punchier, more compelling, and more memorable. The 6 hours I spent with Susannah on this project were the most valuable I spent with anyone. Could not possibly recommend her more highly.”

“Thank you for making the CDA (California Dental Association) 2010 Regional Leadership Trainings exceed the expectations of the planners and participants. Your energy and excitement about the material, as well as the skills and training you provided, allowed participants to leave with a truly enriched understanding and practical experience of strategic planning. All the [dental societies] involved in the training walked away with an improved plan of action for going forward.”

“Jane brings a unique blend of experience and passion to her work. Whether she is training a class, facilitating a meeting, driving change, or teaching people to do these things themselves, she is passionate about ensuring that people reach their full potential.

She has very strong intuition that she uses to take learning beyond the curriculum and discussions below the surface, in order to reach valuable outcomes. She is comfortable with complex topics, challenging situations, and diverse audiences. She connects well with a broad spectrum of people ranging from interns to CEOs. Many people and organizations are better for having worked with her, as I am.”

“Susannah is an inspirational leader. She is an extraordinary teacher and knows how to bring out the best in other people. As a Coach she seeks to understand, challenges others and holds people accountable. Her classroom facilitation skills are outstanding. I highly recommend Susannah as a coach and facilitator. ”