Personal Coaching

Powerful Confidential Support

Personal coaching provides private, confidential time to get expert help on your unique life challenges. Gain insight and make better decisions by talking with someone who asks you all the right questions and listens deeply to your answers. Expert guidance and support help you feel confident and secure about moving forward and making change happen.

Personal coaching is ideal for individuals ready to personally invest in themselves, who want complete freedom and privacy to drive their own career path or life-balance goals. You’re the only client and defining what you want to work on is entirely up to you. Perhaps because of this freedom, each of us finds that personal coaching with a client is often deeper and more meaningful.

  • Receive personal, focused attention from an expert coach in confidential 1:1 coaching calls.
  • Work on private challenges, overcome obstacles, and create a secure path forward in your career.
  • Your coach will help you to design the program that gives you just the right level of support for your goals.

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Success Stories…

“My work with Jane moved my life from a world of limits to a world of infinite possibility. Through a creative inventory of my skills, talents, and passions and an insightful examination of perceived limitations, my life completely shifted. I moved from feeling completely stuck in a career with which I had outgrown to pursuing a Phd in Philosophy and beginning a new life as a college professor. Jane believed in me. That alone is worth its weight in gold.”

“Jane’s coaching has changed my life. She helped me recognize that my approach [to my role as Executive Admin to the CEO] wasn’t working. I think she held a mirror up, in a very kind way, that made me look at how others see my actions, whether they were physical actions or my words. Jane helped me become comfortable with who I am, without my title. Across my entire life, this made a difference. For example, instead of sitting away from people, I sit next to them, I sit with them. I’m much happier with my life, with myself.”

“Of all the money spent on my training, coaching has been the best investment. The coaching program I went through with Jane allowed me to learn and implement things incrementally. I made real change that led to a complete turnaround in my career. I’m really grateful to have had this opportunity.”

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