Strategic Meeting Facilitation

When you bring together a roomful of participants like key partners, customers, senior leadership, or your entire extended team, you want to make the best use of your time together. We design and manage the process of your meetings so that you get the results you need:

  • Gaining key stakeholder buy-in
  • Building solid agreements
  • Strategic planning to establish priorities and clear focus
  • Problem-solving
  • Successful launch of a project
  • Significant process or organization restructuring
  • High-stakes decision making
  • Resolving divergent stakeholder needs or interdepartmental conflict
  • Identifying critical path deliverables
  • Capturing lessons learned from a completed project

We have been facilitating and designing agendas for complex, strategic meetings for over 20 years, in both external and internal consulting roles. We train leaders on the tools and best practices for meeting facilitation, agenda design, decision-making and stakeholder management.

Case Study: The Critical Meeting
Case Study: Small Business Big Pain


Success Stories…

“I have known and worked with Jane for more than 10 years. Her abilities as a facilitator put her at the top of my list when I think about putting a new team together or helping an existing team improve performance. I have found her ability to work with me to plan a team event simply outstanding. With her deep experience, she quickly can see what is going on with a group, diagnose hazards, and recommend a course of action. I have observed Jane in action with difficult players her patience and analytic ability has proven very effective at helping to generate real progress and solutions. When working with Jane, I have complete confidence that the situation is under control and heading for a positive outcome.”

“Jane facilitated a one-day strategic planning session to help us begin creating a product roadmap for the next 3-5 years. I’m amazed how well she organized this session and how quickly she became one among the team. She gives the feeling that she’s already an expert in our domain. Jane was able to both facilitate our conversation and take excellent notes that really captured our work clearly. That makes it easy for our teams to take the next actions easily. She really made this session work. Participants said the process Jane designed and facilitated made it easy and comfortable for them to speak up; they appreciated that everyone’s opinion was openly considered, without criticism.”

“Thank you for making the CDA (California Dental Association) 2010 Regional Leadership Trainings exceed the expectations of the planners and participants. Your energy and excitement about the material, as well as the skills and training you provided, allowed participants to leave with a truly enriched understanding and practical experience of strategic planning. All the [dental societies] involved in the training walked away with an improved plan of action for going forward.”

“Jane is an amazing facilitator whom I’ve had the pleasure of both learning from and working with. Because Jane was so skilled at practicing the facilitation skills she teaches, we hired her to facilitate our first Customer Advisory Board event. Jane completely understood the objectives of our executive team and managed the event in a way that ensured our customers were heard. She instantly developed a positive relationship with our customers that put them at ease, making them feel valued and free to be fully present during the event. Her ability to solve problems on the spot was put to the test when the customers needed more support and time to caucus. She made the decision to alter the agenda, which ultimately provided the exact outcome our executive team had hoped for. We are thrilled with Jane’s professional approach and will be asking her to facilitate our future CAB events.”

“Susannah is an exceptional facilitator, presenter and coach. She is equally effective with frontline leaders and high level executives. She has a great skill of creating trust/comfort with individuals and groups, and then pushing them to challenge their thinking and consider new perspectives. Susannah gets excellent results in collaboration with others by combining her strong experience, intelligence and expertise with a great sense of humor and an approachable style.”

“When we began planning an extremely important meeting with top customers that had visibility all the way up to our Senior VPs and CEO, the first person I thought of bringing in to facilitate was Jane. I know from past experience, Jane sets leaders up for success through planning and preparation. Because of the time she spent up-front planning with us, we walked in confident about how the meeting would go, start to finish. Even more importantly, she helped us gear up for success by setting right expectations with customers prior to the meeting.

Jane knows how to let people have their discussions, then get clear agreement on what’s most important, even when she’s not a subject matter expert. She expertly moderates not only participants but the leaders themselves. She politely prevents bias from entering into discussions that are intended to have full, even participation. As a result, even in big forums, everyone feels like they are heard and we hit our end goal.”

“Jane Cavanaugh is a sensational consultant, facilitator and leadership coach. As an HR Leader, I’ve had the pleasure of not only being coached by Jane, but I’ve also contracted her services for many of my key internal clients. All of these engagements concluded successfully and yielded results that exceeded the clients’ expectations. My internal clients consistently provide feedback such as…
• “Jane is extremely insightful and challenges you to think in new ways.”
• “Jane asks tough questions that allow for the creation of business solutions you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. I appreciate the support!”
I would recommend Jane’s services to anyone that is serious about building talent!”

“Jane brings a unique blend of experience and passion to her work. Whether she is training a class, facilitating a meeting, driving change, or teaching people to do these things themselves, she is passionate about ensuring that people reach their full potential.

She has very strong intuition that she uses to take learning beyond the curriculum and discussions below the surface, in order to reach valuable outcomes. She is comfortable with complex topics, challenging situations, and diverse audiences. She connects well with a broad spectrum of people ranging from interns to CEOs. Many people and organizations are better for having worked with her, as I am.”

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