Developing Resilience: How to Bounce Back, Remain Fresh, and Achieve Peak Performance, Even During Stressful Times

Have you ever wished you could get more done at work, sleep better at night, and have more energy for life? Do you ever struggle with exhaustion, depression, or lack of focus? My interview with Sue Read is full of powerful, simple things you can do to:

  • sleep more deeply, wake feeling rested
  • maintain steady energy throughout the day
  • gain at least one to two extra hours of productive focus each day
  • rejuvenate your brain to maintain peak performance and mental focus
  • feel more energy, happiness, and balance in life

Sue is a former elite athlete with years of deep training and experience as a clinical psychologist, business coach and trainer. She combines her knowledge of physiology, human emotions, and achieving peak performance to give you simple advice you can easily apply to your life.