Case Studies

Here’s a view into the work we do with our clients and the results they achieve. We ensure confidentiality for all of our clients, therefore company names and identifying details are omitted.

Case Study: Small Business Big Pain

In the midst of a leadership transition, a successful small business with mounting problems called J Cavanaugh Group in to facilitate the company’s annual leadership summit meeting. The goal was to ensure that the meeting set the tone for the year to come and focus the entire organization on fixing a key business challenge. But the issues ran deeper than a single challenge…

Case Study: The Savvy Senior Leader

A top-rated leader appeared to have it all together: a Senior Director position in a highly successful company, well respected by her colleagues, with loyal staff who consistently delivered excellent results. But she struggled to manage up effectively with key senior executives. As a result, her department’s work was often invisible and underfunded, and her own career was stalled. She reached out to us for coaching and discovered what was really in her way…


Case Study: The Leadership Team

A support department in a mid-sized company struggled to provide services for a growing number of employees, offices, and needs. The company wanted to stay lean, which meant support functions like IT, HR, and Facilities faced layoffs and budget cuts, as the workload just kept mounting. Morale was low and pressure was high; it was easy to fear being in the next layoff. A new senior leader did what seemed impossible: he convinced top leaders to allocate money for leadership coaching and reached out to J Cavanaugh Group for help…


Case Study: The Training Initiative

A technology company with a small training staff and a large global work force was launching a major change initiative. To kick off the initiative and help create change across the organization, they wanted to deliver a key training class to all employees and managers worldwide and they needed help…


Case Study: The Critical Meeting

A Product Development manager knew the strategic planning session his VP was organizing needed professional facilitation to stay on track. They were flying in key marketing and technical leads from around the world to create a complex five-year strategy and product roadmap – and they were prone as a team to go down rat holes, talking in unnecessary technical detail. Due to other pressing commitments, they had just one day together and couldn’t afford to lose time or focus…


Case Study: The Aspiring Leader

A manager overseeing multiple support functions was overwhelmed by his to-do lists and knew he could be more effective. Although his days were so busy he often worked nights and weekends to get caught up, he knew he wasn’t working on the most important things. Always aspiring to learn more and be a better leader, he reached out for coaching…


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