Visions that Inspire Right Action

Creating mission and vision statements are basic building blocks of any good business plan, team launch or annual strategic planning process. So basic that I notice a lot of organizations going through the motions of creating or updating them without thinking about how the vision can be used. The result is often a bland one-liner that says everything and nothing (“to put our widget on every web site”), or a dense paragraph of sentences that knits together everyone’s input, reads like a stream of business clichés, and again says everything and nothing—like “to be #1 in our market space through best practices and leading edge technology…” You know this vision and can fill in the rest of it, right?

A great vision includes details that inform and inspire right action.

A great vision paints a picture in people’s minds of what things will look and feel like when your team accomplishes its mission.

I love the simple business principles that Meg Wheatley proposes in her book Leadership and the New Science: Learning About Organization from an Orderly Universe. She maps over to the business world what physicists have learned about how chaotic systems self organize. A few simple guideposts (like mission, vision and goals) can help people self-organize and all begin pulling in the same direction. If I’m a team member who clearly sees the big picture of what our team is working to achieve together, I have a framework that helps me make right decisions as I do my piece of the work. If I can’t see where we’re headed, I either take up a lot of air time with questions and concerns, or very quietly make decisions based on my own criteria. Multiply this across multiple team members and you realize the enormous time loss lack of clear vision creates.

About Jane: Jane Cavanaugh is an internationally acclaimed business leadership and career coach who has helped more than 6,000 professionals develop their career and leadership skills. Jane is creator of The Passionate Professional: How to Make Your Ordinary Career Extraordinary, a guided career transition program, and a co-author of Breakthrough! Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life. Contact or visit Jane at

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Success Story: “Jane practices what she teaches. She is a true artist, both literally and poetically speaking. Her ‘canvas’ is her life; be it her unique custom home and lifestyle, her creative entrepreneurial ventures, or her actual working with metal to create sculpture in her studio. More than anyone I know, Jane creates her life using the same tools and skills and concepts that she gives to the people she works with, to help them create their own life as an artist might craft a work of art. Let Jane midwife the masterpiece that is your life ready to be born!”