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Anna Corbett, MS, LPC
Life Coach

Success Story: “Jane coached me during a transition time in my life when I was trying to decide what I wanted to have next in my life. She supported me in getting such clarity about what I wanted to bring forward from my various life experiences that I have, as a result, manifested exactly what I wanted to create.

Jane is truly an empowering, enlightening coach. She has a clarity and exquisite, precision questioning that sliced through all the unnecessary and extraneous to the core of what I was longing to get clear. The NLP techniques she used helped me powerfully anchor my insights in ways I continue to access and use. I’ve experienced a good number of professional coaches and my work with Jane is definitely at the top!”

Marena Drlik, Whole Life Health

Success Story: “From our first coaching sessions together, Jane has consistently shown up with real curiosity and made real space for me. When she is coaching me I feel like I am the center of the universe. Her ability to really see me, combined with the passion and clarity she has from her own life experiences, is fundamental to our creation of a powerful coaching relationship.

This relationship has transformed what started as business coaching into an extraordinary personal journey of unifying and harnessing my full creative self.

Jane’s superb intuition allows her to quickly direct my attention to the areas that give me the most opportunity for powerful growth. She creates a supportive space for me with her delightful humor, gentleness, and no nonsense focus on what will really pay off. Working with her I have developed clarity and confidence about what I want and how to get it. The most exciting part is I am living more of the life I really want!”

Jennifer Meyer, Tribute Web Design

Success Story: “Jane is a delightful blend of practical and passionate. She’s grounded, easy to connect with, and her warmth and optimism are contagious. No matter what kind of mood I started a session in, I always ended it feeling good about myself, eager and capable. What Jane offers is so much more than business advising. She sees things in you that are sometimes hard to see yourself – some little spark of passion that you’d forgotten was there, and coaxes it to flame. Jane is an illuminator of possibility.”

Rachael Posada

Success Story: “I feel my time working with Simone as a coach has had a lasting impact on me. I cannot say that it was easy delving into areas of my life where I was “stuck”, but Simone’s compassionate yet firm style helped me to understand that feeling uncomfortable is often the first step in making a change.

Although our actual coaching sessions only lasted a short time each week, what we discussed carried through day after day, and I realized that I was much more aware and observant about things (my effect on others and vice versa). Simone was straight forward and held me accountable yet she also had the finesse to know just when to back off or press harder. The results of working with Simone are still a factor in my life each day. Whether you’re trying to understand where you are in the world right now, move to the next level, or just want to challenge your everyday views and relationships, I cannot recommend a better professional to work with than Simone.”

Kristen Hazard, Founder, Suntoucher Software Solutions

Success Story: “As the single founder of a growing business, my coaching sessions with Simone have been like having a business partner to bounce ideas with and get honest, creative and positive feedback. This has been incredibly helpful for me to get to the larger picture and to implement strategies for how to address and solve new challenges for myself and my company.

Having the set coaching sessions has also allowed me to set aside quality time to reflect, strategize and plan for the future. To be able to go through this process with someone of Simone’s quality of training, information and intuition has been invaluable to the growth and success of my business and myself.”

Kristen Hazard, Founder, Suntoucher Software

Success Story: “Simone designed and delivered a one-day workshop for my growing software company. I had several new team members and a big vision and goals for the next year and wanted to create the synergy necessary to reach those goals. Simone created all the right pieces to transform my vision into a vision shared by all my employees. Through her engaging, intuitive, and fun delivery, my team really gelled. It was a great success.”

Patrick Summer, Life and Business Coach

Success Story: “Jane practices what she teaches. She is a true artist, both literally and poetically speaking. Her ‘canvas’ is her life; be it her unique custom home and lifestyle, her creative entrepreneurial ventures, or her actual working with metal to create sculpture in her studio. More than anyone I know, Jane creates her life using the same tools and skills and concepts that she gives to the people she works with, to help them create their own life as an artist might craft a work of art. Let Jane midwife the masterpiece that is your life ready to be born!”

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Success Stories

Jeanne Loomis, Retired Executive Administrator

Success Story: “Jane’s coaching has changed my life. She helped me recognize that my approach [to my role as Executive Admin to the CEO] wasn’t working. I think she held a mirror up, in a very kind way, that made me look at how others see my actions, whether they were physical actions or my words. Jane helped me become comfortable with who I am, without my title. Across my entire life, this made a difference. For example, instead of sitting away from people, I sit next to them, I sit with them. I’m much happier with my life, with myself.”