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How to Make Your Ordinary Career Extraordinary

Reinventing your career is easier than you think. The Passionate Professional program helps you discover what you want next and how to find unexpected new opportunities to do your ideal work.

This self-paced program, designed by expert career coach Jane Cavanaugh, includes a rich set of models and tools for clear, practical guidance that previous participants call “well-structured” and a “perfect instigator for change—full of great tools.” It’s filled with simple, fun exercises to get you into immediate action.

What you’ll get from this course:

  • Discover what you find most fulfilling and enjoyable in work and life
  • Create an effective action plan with immediate next steps that lead you to unimagined possibilities for your career
  • Turn anxieties and doubts into powerful allies that strengthen and speed your path to work you love
  • Identify and breakthrough your inner glass ceiling
  • Learn a simple trick to overcome resistance and get into action quickly
  • Uncover your own natural ways to maintain energy, excitement, and momentum until you find and secure the best work for you


Learn at your own pace and reinvigorate your career now

The Passionate Professional Core Program includes:


Over 70 pages of exercises and models that give you practical, step-by-step guidance. Get the most from this program by listening to the audio lessons and following along in the workbook. Do the exercises in the workbook to quickly and powerfully shift your life and career. Listen to the audio lessons to deepen your understanding and learn from the experiences of others.


One-hour audio lessons taught by course creator Jane Cavanaugh. Recorded with several participants from diverse jobs and different points in their career transition. You’ll find their participation and experiences deepen your understanding of how to use the Passionate Professional tools for best results and reveal the nuances of how to use these tools as life happens.


This worksheet is at the foundation of the Passionate Professional process. If you haven’t already downloaded this worksheet, we’ll make sure you get a copy so you can get started right away discovering the elements of your ideal job.


  • Have the Workbook and CDs shipped directly to you

What others say about this course:

Aparna S., San Jose, CA

Success Story:The Passionate Professional taught me things that will forever change the way I live my life. I use the course tools all day long—they have given me control of my emotions in a way that puts me in control of my life. I’ve often heard ‘think good thoughts and things will happen,’ but I’ve never found tools to help accomplish this until now.”


30-Day Money
Back Guarantee:

We want you to be happy! If you’re not happy for any reason with The Passionate Professional product, contact We’ll issue a refund, less shipping and handling, for the product.

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Success Stories

Karianne Holguin, Managing Director
Process Management and Analysis

Success Story: “My executive coaching time with Jane was some of the most valuable hours I have spent as a leader. The experience was not about ‘performance needs improvement,’ but about growing oneself to the next level of leadership, stretching oneself to be the best one can be. It provided great insight to things I knew about myself, personally, but didn’t know were ‘showing up’ at the office. I continue to use what I learned every day, and I, and others, can see the difference this level of coaching has made.”