When was the last time you jumped out of bed and couldn’t wait to go to work? Are you ready for something new, but confused and unsure what to do?

The Passionate Professional program is for you if you’ve been feeling

  • unhappy or dissatisfied at work
  • at a dead end in your career path
  • stuck in a job that’s draining your energy

Our unique program gives you practical, step-by-step guidance to find and secure work you love. You can have work that inspires you, fulfills you, and supports you. Learn More »


Get Started with Our Self-Paced Course

Reinventing your career is easier than you think! Whether you’re longing for something more fulfilling or it’s simply time to move on, The Passionate Professional program helps you discover what you want next and how to find unexpected new opportunities to do your ideal work.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Three simple ways to find new work opportunities that are ideal for you
  • A trick for overcoming resistance and getting into action quickly
  • Two techniques to rapidly develop missing skills and qualities
  • A process to get more energy and sustained focus until you secure the best, most fulfilling work for you