Summer Vacation: An A-Ha Moment?

Ah, summer vacation. While I’m lucky enough not to be chained to a traditional work schedule, there’s just something about taking a vacation in the summer that is so compelling.

Maybe it’s escaping one environment for another when the days feel slow and motivation is (sometimes) fleeting. Or, maybe that’s because something special happens to me every single time I go on vacation.

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What are the right details to include in a vision?

In a previous post, Visions that Inspire Right Action, I talked about the purpose of vision and how a great vision informs teamwork. How do you actually write a great vision?

Ask yourself or your team the following questions and put the answers in a bullet list. Edit and organize for readability. There’s your vision. I find the best visions are typically one-half to full-page in length.

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Visions that Inspire Right Action

Creating mission and vision statements are basic building blocks of any good business plan, team launch or annual strategic planning process. So basic that I notice a lot of organizations going through the motions of creating or updating them without thinking about how the vision can be used. The result is often a bland one-liner that says everything and nothing (“to put our widget on every web site”), or a dense paragraph of sentences that knits together everyone’s input, reads like a stream of business clichés, and again says everything and nothing—like “to be #1 in our market space through best practices and leading edge technology…” You know this vision and can fill in the rest of it, right?

A great vision includes details that inform and inspire right action.

A great vision paints a picture in people’s minds of what things will look and feel like when your team accomplishes its mission.

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Is it possible to explore a career change responsibly?! 5 tips on how you can do it!

Supporting your family, paying your mortgage, funding your retirement—we all have serious obligations that can make contemplating career change feel incredibly risky. What if I make less money? What if I try something new and fail? Even if I’m longing for  a change, or feeling downright miserable, should I really risk leaving my secure job to try something new??

So many people give up before they even start. The risk of trying something new wins out over the incredible benefits a career change could give you.

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Success Stories

Anna Corbett, MS, LPC
Life Coach

Success Story: “Jane coached me during a transition time in my life when I was trying to decide what I wanted to have next in my life. She supported me in getting such clarity about what I wanted to bring forward from my various life experiences that I have, as a result, manifested exactly what I wanted to create.

Jane is truly an empowering, enlightening coach. She has a clarity and exquisite, precision questioning that sliced through all the unnecessary and extraneous to the core of what I was longing to get clear. The NLP techniques she used helped me powerfully anchor my insights in ways I continue to access and use. I’ve experienced a good number of professional coaches and my work with Jane is definitely at the top!”