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What Artists (and Richard Branson) Can Teach You About Making Successful Changes in Your Career

What could an artist, who makes a fraction of your salary, possibly have to teach you about making a successful career change? I’ll give you a hint: it’s something Richard Branson, who makes unimaginably more than you and me, would agree with.

A new client, so unhappy in her job that she cries at work and is developing serious health issues as a result of the stress, told me last week, “I can’t quit my job until I find something Really Fulfilling. But I have no idea what I’d find fulfilling. I feel really stuck.”

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Managing Reality: Little Lies We Hide Behind Every Day

I’ve just been confronted, yet again, with the perils of
“managing reality”—deciding that the full truth of what you’re feeling or
thinking is not acceptable. It’s the role our egos play: managing the
information going out so that we look good, make others feel good, or any other
seemingly good reason that leads us to in effect lie to the world about what’s
really true. I keep learning over and over that it’s a serious wedge in my
relationships. The other person doesn’t really know me. They know Managed Me.

One of my good reasons is that I like my personal
relationships to be harmonious. Not a bad goal. Perhaps not yours. But it’s
been my goal as far back as I can remember: six years old, trying to get my two
best friends Julie W and Julie C to stop fighting, shake hands and let us all
be peaceable friends. As an adult, I catch myself doing a lot of things to keep
the peace that aren’t always such clean simple gestures. I find myself not
saying all of what I’m feeling. Or I clean up the truth and present it in such
a nice package that the essential message gets blurry or worse, completely
confused with another message I wasn’t intending.

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Success Stories

Tony Vecchiet, Senior Manager IT Operations

Success Story: “Of all the money spent on my training, coaching has been the best investment. The coaching program I went through with Jane allowed me to learn and implement things incrementally. I made real change that led to a complete turnaround in my career. I’m really grateful to have had this opportunity.”