Career Killer: Staying in Your Comfort Zone and Stalling on the Big Stuff

What’s the work you always put off doing? The really big important stuff, right? It’s easier to knock off a few little tasks. Makes you feel productive! But avoiding larger projects and strategic thinking can be a career killer for anyone wanting to grow their career. So often those are the projects that get us noticed.

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Get Your Crayons Back: How to Win Over Your Inner Critic and Recapture Your Creative Self

My work requires me to be creative and confident. If I don’t figure out how to set strategy for my business and come up with great ideas for what to do next, I won’t be successful. Those of you who are in a senior leadership position or self-employed know what I’m talking about.

So how do you wake up every day and get creative? I find myself in near-continual creative crisis, which might surprise friends and colleagues to hear. I generally look like I have my business act together and take far more creative risks in life than the average person, including venturing into making visual art late in life. But keeping a clear channel open to my creativity is a big hassle in my life. Right now I have a lot of business development work to get done that requires my best creative thinking and most days feel like a slog. Days can go by with nothing important accomplished. My inner critic, desperately trying to keep me from creating and going public with something really foolish, wins. Learn More →

Is it possible to explore a career change responsibly?! 5 tips on how you can do it!

Supporting your family, paying your mortgage, funding your retirement—we all have serious obligations that can make contemplating career change feel incredibly risky. What if I make less money? What if I try something new and fail? Even if I’m longing for  a change, or feeling downright miserable, should I really risk leaving my secure job to try something new??

So many people give up before they even start. The risk of trying something new wins out over the incredible benefits a career change could give you.

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Success Stories

Kristen Hazard, Founder, Suntoucher Software

Success Story: “Simone designed and delivered a one-day workshop for my growing software company. I had several new team members and a big vision and goals for the next year and wanted to create the synergy necessary to reach those goals. Simone created all the right pieces to transform my vision into a vision shared by all my employees. Through her engaging, intuitive, and fun delivery, my team really gelled. It was a great success.”