Discover What Motivates You to Get Things Done!

What’s the secret to getting yourself into action, even when you feel resistant? We all have important tasks we dread doing but somehow manage to get done (eventually), like doing the dishes or keeping up with financial paperwork. When you start exploring what comes next in your career, you’ll likely find some of the tasks required along the way difficult to get done.

What if you knew the key to quickly getting yourself out of resistance and into action? Think of the energy and time you could save yourself if you removed dread and resistance, and just went straight to the satisfaction and relief of getting it done!

There are lots of common reasons for feeling resistant now and then to taking action. You may feel the pinch of adding more activity to an already busy life. There may be actions required that you just don’t enjoy (like updating your resume). You may feel a bit nervous or uncertain about exploring something new. As you may have experienced by now, discovering the elements of what you really love doing through the Passion Discovery Worksheet and getting out to Talk it Up can happen very quickly. You can find opportunities worth exploring immediately.
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Finding Difficult Answers by Living in the Question

I just had one of those super-charged days where answers to a large, thorny question I’ve been wrestling with suddenly came to me effortlessly, through relaxing, delightful conversations with friends. It was a question I’d sat with in mounting frustration, feeling I should be able to answer, but having my mind crowded with thoughts about what the answer might be, should be, couldn’t be—none leading to a satisfying resolution. The contrast with how effortlessly answers appeared while I relaxed and enjoyed my Saturday couldn’t have been more extreme. I wanted to bottle it. Make it available to myself, to others, anytime.

I rewound back to the point where I gave up actively trying to answer the question and noticed what I’d done instead of tackling the question head on. I realized this series of steps has worked for me before. Sometimes I forget what I already know…

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Get Your Crayons Back: How to Win Over Your Inner Critic and Recapture Your Creative Self

My work requires me to be creative and confident. If I don’t figure out how to set strategy for my business and come up with great ideas for what to do next, I won’t be successful. Those of you who are in a senior leadership position or self-employed know what I’m talking about.

So how do you wake up every day and get creative? I find myself in near-continual creative crisis, which might surprise friends and colleagues to hear. I generally look like I have my business act together and take far more creative risks in life than the average person, including venturing into making visual art late in life. But keeping a clear channel open to my creativity is a big hassle in my life. Right now I have a lot of business development work to get done that requires my best creative thinking and most days feel like a slog. Days can go by with nothing important accomplished. My inner critic, desperately trying to keep me from creating and going public with something really foolish, wins. Read more