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Renewing Your Career: Fine-Tuning vs. The Big Leap

In the past year I’ve trained and coached over 500 people on how to manage their career. I find most people who want to re-invigorate their career assume the choice is either to put up with what they have now or face financial risk—because surely change requires a big leap into something brand new, which can’t possibly support them as well as what they have now.

Many picture quitting a well-paying job, taking a huge cut in salary for a position they enjoy more, and other dramatic scenarios that will turn life upside down.

And that’s where so many people close off to the process of exploring how to best renew their careers – because life as we know it, even if it’s unfulfilling, is easier to face than risk and upheaval.

Truthfully, that’s generally not how my successful clients achieve career happiness. That’s not how I do it either. Renewing our careers to bring happiness and fulfillment back into our day involves a lot of fine-tuning.
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Reengaging Your Career!

Have you ever had someone introduce you to just the right person? A long-time client just recently introduced me to Ruth Ross, who is fast becoming one of the leading champions for the “reengagement revolution.” Meeting Ruth was inspiring and reinvigorating for me. I thought you’d enjoy her message on how to reengage yourself in your career.

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Summer Vacation: An A-Ha Moment?

Ah, summer vacation. While I’m lucky enough not to be chained to a traditional work schedule, there’s just something about taking a vacation in the summer that is so compelling.

Maybe it’s escaping one environment for another when the days feel slow and motivation is (sometimes) fleeting. Or, maybe that’s because something special happens to me every single time I go on vacation.

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Ready to Learn WAY More About Yourself? MAPP Out Work You Love Doing and Find Exact Job Titles to Match

I love when people write back to me. Recently, I had an email exchange with a woman living in Jamaica (my blog has been featured in news feeds all over the world) who was doing impressively thorough exploration of new career options. She had enjoyed utilizing my Passion Discovery Worksheet, and wanted to share a another resource with me She introduced me to the MAPPTM Assessment, a career aptitude test that really blew me away with the level of insightful, useful information it delivered on my career preferences. How do I know? I used it myself!
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Why You Need a Mini Retreat, and 5 Ways to Take One Today

Everyone loves a vacation. But when you’re in career crunch-time, whether you’re a business owner or an employee, it can be difficult to set aside the time, money, and energy needed for a real respite from the daily grind.

We all have times in life when we get overloaded with work and feel overwhelmed and exhausted. I tend to be in ‘driver’ mode most of the time, so my inclination is to put my head down and try to push through it. Instead of taking a break, I’ve asked myself – why not work a little harder for a little longer and get everything done so I can take a real vacation? Have you ever said this to yourself?
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Lost passion for your job? 3 tips to find it again!

“Every job has an expiration date.” I don’t know who first said it, but most of us have experienced it first hand. You dread going to work, sleepwalk through your day, and come home exhausted. “I wake up every morning and wonder how I’ll get through the day,” a once energetic business owner said to me this week. “I can’t wait to come home and have the day be over.”

Many people get stuck here, unhappy with what they do all day, but unclear about how to find something new.

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Bored at work and wishing you could find work you love?

Around the holidays, we get to reflect on how grateful we are for all the blessings we have in life. One of the blessings in my life is what I do – I have a career that I love with a lifestyle that matches it. But finding a career I love didn’t come overnight, or easily. In fact, it took years, when it could have taken mere weeks or months.

But I’m glad to have gone through the process, because it brought me to where I am now.

As some of you know, I faced a challenge you or a loved one may be going through right now: dragging to work every day to a job that’s boring and unfulfilling. Mine was a good job, with a great salary and benefits, but it didn’t engage me or make use of my talents. It was not my definition of “success”.

I could not figure out what else to do instead and, as the years dragged on, I had more and more days where I wanted to crawl out of my body and send it to work without me.

Until one day I had an unexpected breakthrough. The pieces fell into place and I realized the answer had been in front of me all along. I just hadn’t known where to look.

Fast forward to now, where I get to do what I love every day and feel so blessed to be able to share my passion and my breakthrough process with so many others. I love helping people discover their career passion. It’s why I created The Passionate Professional Program. I want to help you have a career and life you love!

With that in mind, I’m going to be doing something in the next few weeks that I’ve never done before here on the blog. I’m going to be sharing much of the exact process I teach in my Passionate Professional Program with you. I want to help you actually love going to work!

Do you feel bored and unfulfilled but don’t know what to do about it? Tune in.
Are you lost on your career path but don’t know what’s next? Tune in.
Are you ready to make a change in your career? Tune in.
Want to do work you love? Tune in. 

Finding the Key to Being Successful and Fulfilled

Career is often a place in life where we can go on autopilot, following a set path towards the promise of success and stability. Go to a good school, declare a major, and get good grades. Then look for a stable job, work hard to get good performance reviews, and hope for promotion. Show up on time, invest in a retirement fund, and take your allotted weeks of vacation. If you went into business for yourself, follow tried and true advice on how to build and grow your business.

Add a mortgage, family, and other responsibilities into the mix and it can seem dangerous to tinker with your career. Why jeopardize success and stability? You might imagine you’ll waste all the time you’ve invested, all the credibility and experienced you’ve gained on this path (which isn’t true, by the way!).

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How to Find Work You Love: 3 Tips for a Smart Search Strategy

How have you chosen your jobs in the past? Here are four of the top strategies people tell me they’ve used in the past…that aren’t working for them any more.

  • I wait to see what I’m offered.
  • I check what’s available and apply for what I think I’m qualified to do.
  • I wait for something more interesting to present itself to me.
  • I’m afraid I’ll never be as successful as this so I don’t even look.

Not the smartest strategies, right?! I’ve used several of them myself – we’ve all fallen back on what’s familiar and ‘standard’ – and they didn’t work well for me either.
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Discover What Motivates You to Get Things Done!

What’s the secret to getting yourself into action, even when you feel resistant? We all have important tasks we dread doing but somehow manage to get done (eventually), like doing the dishes or keeping up with financial paperwork. When you start exploring what comes next in your career, you’ll likely find some of the tasks required along the way difficult to get done.

What if you knew the key to quickly getting yourself out of resistance and into action? Think of the energy and time you could save yourself if you removed dread and resistance, and just went straight to the satisfaction and relief of getting it done!

There are lots of common reasons for feeling resistant now and then to taking action. You may feel the pinch of adding more activity to an already busy life. There may be actions required that you just don’t enjoy (like updating your resume). You may feel a bit nervous or uncertain about exploring something new. As you may have experienced by now, discovering the elements of what you really love doing through the Passion Discovery Worksheet and getting out to Talk it Up can happen very quickly. You can find opportunities worth exploring immediately.
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Kristen Hazard, Founder, Suntoucher Software

Success Story: “Simone designed and delivered a one-day workshop for my growing software company. I had several new team members and a big vision and goals for the next year and wanted to create the synergy necessary to reach those goals. Simone created all the right pieces to transform my vision into a vision shared by all my employees. Through her engaging, intuitive, and fun delivery, my team really gelled. It was a great success.”