Introversion Got Your Tongue? Tips for Introverts on How to Speak Up More

All introverts I coach face the same challenge: speaking up. For some of us, this is a challenge in situations with something at stake, like speaking up at work in front of very senior leaders or making a presentation to a group. What’s at stake is usually “sounding stupid”–tripping over our words, forgetting what we wanted to say, or saying something we worry will expose what we don’t know. For others of us, speaking up is a regular challenge; we find it challenging to speak up in team meetings, at social gatherings like parties and networking events, even in 1:1 conversations with some of our extroverted friends.

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Useful Tips for Introverts on How to Get Out and Network

“I’m Jane, I’m an introvert, and I’m networking challenged.” In the comedy routine of my mind, I feel like there should be an introvert support group where we introduce ourselves. If a group like that exists, I’m sure it would be small, just the way we like things.

Like several of my coaching clients, I need to get out and network as part of my business. I find it’s an activity that in the past I have avoided, postponed and outright dreaded. The thought of walking into a room of strangers, all happily talking and networking away, scares the hell out of me. Learn More →

Challenge of Introversion: How to Speak Up More in Meetings

“You’re not adding enough value in meetings”. Just in the last year I’ve coached close to a dozen people who all got the same feedback from their manager. All turned out to be introverts on the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). As I asked more questions about each situation, I realized “not adding enough value” was code for “we want to hear you
talk more”.

One of the biggest differences between extroverts and introverts is how we process and share information. Extroverts talk to think. Introverts think before they talk. For many introverts, trying to talk in a team meeting is like trying to jump on a fast moving merry go round set in motion by the extroverts in the room. The extroverts are happily processing their thoughts out loud. The introverts are listening intently, trying to process everything they’re hearing, find their own insight or opinion, then find the right words to express it. Learn More →

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Success Story: “My association with Jane goes back well before coaching became a household word. It was always clear that she had a genuine gift for guiding people to their own truth and self discovery.

I can honestly say that every major breakthrough in my life—career, relationships, self image—was due entirely to my genuine commitment to change and Jane’s intuitive ability to direct me through the confused tangle of what I thought I wanted to a clear understanding of my true desire, offering tools to shift that seed of desire into a reality. How fortunate that coaching has emerged into a field where Jane has been able to extend her masterful art to all those who seek a catalyst for change and a clearer understanding of self.”