We offer leadership development training, strategic meeting facilitation, and consulting services focused on creating leadership and organizational excellence. We work with our clients to:

  • create culture change through engaging, interactive leadership development courses
  • develop mid-level leaders who have superior leadership presence, lead through influence, effectively develop staff and delegate, and drive business results through strategic focus
  • give leaders tools to facilitate productive, results-driven meetings
  • create solutions that are in strategic alignment to business needs by gathering data and defining issues
  • provide training, facilitation, and organization development interventions in support of defined development needs
  • support business units in linking training and development to strategic business needs by analyzing strategic business goals and identifying skill gaps

We have a strong, experienced team with core competencies in leadership development, strategic meeting facilitation, OD consulting, and change management.


When you bring together a roomful of significant participants – key partners or customers, senior leadership, or your entire extended team you want to make the best use of your time together. We design and manage the process of your meetings so that you get the results you need:

  • Gaining key stakeholder buy-in
  • Building solid agreements
  • Strategic planning to establish priorities and clear focus
  • Problem solving
  • Successful launch of a project
  • Significant process or organization restructuring
  • High-stakes decision making
  • Resolving divergent stakeholder needs or interdepartmental conflict
  • Identifying critical path deliverables
  • Capturing lessons learned from a completed project

We have been facilitating and designing agendas for complex, strategic meetings for over 20 years, in both external and internal consulting roles. We train leaders on the tools and best practices for meeting facilitation, agenda design, decision-making and stakeholder management.


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Increase your leadership and organizational excellence with these engaging, highly interactive, experiential training courses. We emphasize action learning – bring real work with you and learn while you get things done:

Facilitative Trainer

Go from boring Powerpoint presentations to dynamic, engaging learning experiences – this one-day course can turn your leaders and content experts into engaging trainers who help people actually learn, not just listen. Bring your existing course or presentation to class, and we’ll help you design interactivity and learn to masterfully facilitate participation. [expand title=”Show More” swaptitle=”Show Less” trigclass=”noarrow”]

Turn your business leaders into high-caliber trainers. Transform your conferences from an endless series of presentations into a learning event. Facilitative Trainer teaches best practices in how to go beyond delivering information to actively engaging participants and building skill.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this highly interactive session, participants will know how to do the following:

  • Prepare for success through stakeholder assessment, agenda, learning objectives and vision
  • Ask questions to engage participants and enhance learning
  • Facilitate discussions to focus on key learning points
  • Design and deliver a session that builds new skills rather than just giving information
  • Set up, conduct, and debrief activities to reinforce key learning points
  • Manage the unexpected
  • Work successfully with other colleagues in the room

Course Length: 1 day


Strategic Planning

Create or update your organization’s strategic plan while you all learn core concepts in the strategic planning process. Ideal for intact teams and small organizations. [expand title=”Show More” swaptitle=”Show Less” trigclass=”noarrow”]

Learn all the building blocks of strategic planning and how they fit together to define and inform the focus of your work. A practical workshop that includes templates for team to create strategic plan components during the session.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will understand the following:

  • Mission and vision statements
    • The difference between mission and vision
    • How to write mission and vision statements that really inspire and inform right action
  • Values
    • The purpose they serve in defining an organization’s direction
    • How teams can benefit from having values or guiding principles
  • Strategy
    • What “strategy” is
    • How to set it for short-term and long-term windows
    • Understanding terms used in strategic planning (e.g., strategies, initiatives, objectives, goals, tactics, etc)
  • From strategic plan to operating plan
    • Creating projects that support strategic initiatives
    • Creating effective action plans for teams and individuals

Course Length: ½ day or 1 day course provides basic concept overview and/or work on key areas of strategic plan. Multi-day session allows learning and creating full strategic plan. Recommended for intact teams.


Meeting Facilitation

Tired of not getting anything accomplished in your meetings? Wish all the leaders in your organization knew how to run better meetings to get things done faster? Want better results from your team? Learn the most important tools for planning and running efficient, focused meetings that get business results. Bring topics for an upcoming meeting and design the agenda in class. Bring an intact team to class and learn these tools as we conduct your team meeting. [expand title=”Show More” swaptitle=”Show Less” trigclass=”noarrow”]

Learn how to design and run your meetings to take less time and get more done.

Learning Objectives

During this highly interactive session, participants learn the following:

  • One simple, effective way to focus any meeting to get results
  • A three-stage frame you can use on the fly to organize meeting process
  • Three most important steps to building an agreement that won’t unravel later
  • How to keep meetings on track
  • How to manage the unexpected (e.g., difficult participants, hidden agendas, rat holes and tangents)

Course Length: 1-day. Ideal for intact teams.


Stakeholder Management

Do decisions you make depend on the input or buy-in of others? Do you or your team find decisions unraveling because you overlooked getting buy-in from someone important, like a senior leader or key resource? Learn how to masterfully gather all the input and buy-in you need to get agreements that last. Bring a real project or decision to class; we’ll plan ahead or diagnose what went wrong and how to best fix it. [expand title=”Show More” swaptitle=”Show Less” trigclass=”noarrow”]

Increase the success of your leaders and teams in meeting deadlines, controlling costs and implementing change through effective stakeholder engagement.

Learning Objectives

During this action learning session, participants create a stakeholder management plan to do the following:

  • Identify all types of stakeholders important to the success of your project or decision
  • Make the best use of time by matching engagement strategy with level of stakeholder importance
  • Leverage stakeholder interests, wins and concerns to strengthen your project or decision
  • Surface potential resistance or concerns and manage effectively
  • Influence stakeholders to support your project or decision
  • Organize and track your stakeholder management plan

Course Length: Can be ½ or full day. Ideal for intact teams.


Certified Trainers to Deliver Your Course

Looking for expert trainers to help you roll out a course to your organization? Certify one or more of our trainers in your third-party or internally developed course. Leverage our expertise in delivering engaging, interactive training sessions that participants will rave about.


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