Jane Cavanaugh

Jane Cavanaugh – Founder and Principal Consultant

Jane Cavanaugh is a consultant who provides expertise to solve team communication and collaboration challenges, strengthen leadership teams, and facilitate strategic thinking at all levels.

Jane has 20 years of experience training, facilitating, and coaching. Through her coaching work with over 700 mid-level leaders, she brings a deep level of expertise to the unique challenges and opportunities of mid-level leaders as they drive organizational engagement.

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Jane helps leaders establish confident, effective leadership presence, increase their influence skills, coach and develop staff, effectively delegate, and focus more strategically. She works with highly successful leaders who want to prepare for promotion, as well as leaders the organization wants to retain, but who face a serious corrective action issue.

Jane is a skilled meeting facilitator who has facilitated hundreds of meetings for businesses and non-profits. She is an engaging master trainer who has trained over 6000 people in numerous leadership and team courses. She is able to become a ‘virtual team member’ in small businesses, providing affordable “as needed”
expertise for leaders and teams.

Clients describe Jane as having a great capacity to listen deeply, speak directly and compassionately, and quickly grasp complexities of their business to help them achieve business and career breakthroughs.

As both an internal and external consultant, Jane has led multiple large-scale change initiatives that set new standards for employee engagement and created company-wide process improvements. In her own practice, Jane created a program called The Passionate Professional: How to Make Your Ordinary Career Extraordinary, designed to help professionals reinvigorate or reinvent their careers. She is a co-author of Amazon #1 best-seller Breakthrough! Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life.

Jane holds a BA in Psychology from UCSC. She is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coach and certified NLP Master Practitioner through the NLP & Coaching Institute of California, a certified executive coach through Envision Global Leadership, and an MBTI® Certified Practitioner through CPP.

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Jacquelyn Theron

Jacquelyn Theron – Affiliate

Jacquelyn has earned an excellent reputation for providing skilled and practical guidance as a coach, trainer, course designer, OD consultant, and meeting facilitator. She has over 20 years of experience working with individuals and teams in global, diverse, collaborative settings. Her core strengths are in influence, strategic thinking, and facilitative leadership.

Jacquelyn is certified in over 50 leadership development courses and is a certified OD Consultant. She has traveled world-wide to train, coach, and certify others to train leadership development courses.

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In her coaching practice, Jacquelyn works with clients as an accountability partner to help them reach specific outcomes. As an organizational development consultant, she specializes in redesigning organizational structures and roles to improve work processes.

Jacquelyn offers expertise in areas such as:

  • Executive, leadership, and staff coaching and development
  • Leading high performance teams
  • Performance consulting
  • Facilitation and team building
  • Influencing across organizational levels
  • Team and cross-functional collaboration
  • Strategic thinking
  • Change management
  • Managing diversity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Organizational design
  • Program and project management

Jacquelyn has an MA degree in Education from Vanderbilt University. As Senior Director of Learning and Development departments for Sprint and Xilinx, she created and managed leadership development programs and overall employee training curriculum. She holds certification in multiple disciplines, including certification as an MBTI trainer, organizational consultant, a Master Trainer through Interaction Associates, a life and business coach through Fowler Wainwright International and certified executive coach through Envision Global Leadership. Jacquelyn has participated in numerous seminars and industry related coursework, including programs offered in the following areas:

  • Personnel Decisions International (PDI) – 360 evaluation feedback and coaching
  • Linkage – OD Certification
  • Fowler Wainwright International – Life and business coaching
  • Sprint/Nextel – “Triple C” trainer certification
  • Myers/Briggs – Instrument certification
  • Interaction Associates – coaching, facilitative leadership, team collaboration, agreement building, stakeholder management, meeting facilitation


Jacquelyn Theron

Simone Janssen – Affiliate

Simone is an accomplished leadership coach who helps corporate professionals reach the next level in their careers.

Her coaching clients:

  • Discover their core values, strengths, and developmental areas as a leader
  • Define the leadership vision that they will bring to their organization
  • Design and achieve concrete goals to successfully drive towards that vision

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Simone’s unique approach helps leaders align their personal goals with corporate goals to ensure long-lasting career success. The process includes essential self-discovery, such as understanding personal sources of motivation in order to gain energy and avoid burnout. It also includes recognizing limiting beliefs that may be creating barriers to career advancement and learning how to break through them.

Simone has helped clients reach the next step in their careers across a range of industries and company sizes, enabling advancement from within a variety of difficult work environments. What her clients value most are her incisive questions, clear articulation of their situations, and creative approaches to helping them develop effective techniques to navigate the path forward.

Simone’s additional areas of coaching expertise include:

  • Transitioning from manager to leader
  • Building highly productive teams
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Managing relationships
  • Managing change
  • Managing time

She is certified through ICF (International Coaching Federation) – the gold standard of coaching.

Her additional coaching background includes:

  • Certified Personal and Business Coach through CTI (Coach Training Institute)
  • Certified Executive Coach through EGL (Envision Global Leadership)
  • Certified NLP coach through ACN (Academy of Coaching and NLP)
  • Teacher-in-training for ACN

In addition to coaching, Simone facilitates career development courses, coaching classes, and goal workshops. She has a BA in Technical and Professional Writing and Fine Arts from SFSU.